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Being Baptized, Holy Spirit Filled

01/12/2012 02:35
  Being baptized, Holy Spirit filled is a concept and ideology most Christian never really analyze.  What are you asking for when you say that you want to be filled with the Holy Ghost?  What is baptism?  What does it symbolize?  Let’s take a look. Now in the Gospel...

Jesus of Revelation or Bar Jesus?

10/15/2011 01:11
Do you worship Jesus of Revelation or Bar Jesus?  Who is Bar Jesus you might ask?  There is only one Jesus right?  Wrong!  Your Bible actually mentions more than one Jesus.  One of them is mentioned in Acts 13:6.   Acts 13:6 6  And when they had gone...

Was Jesus of Revelation Emmanuel?

10/14/2011 15:53
People have been tricked into thinking that they worship the Jesus of Revelation.  There are different Jesus characters that have been mixed into the story of the life and times of Jesus.  When the doctrine of Christianity was created by men of the Nicean Council, they had a problem...

Do You Worship the Jesus of Revelation or Paul’s Jesus?

10/10/2011 16:36
Do you worship the Jesus of Revelation or the Jesus Paul has most Christian’s worshiping?  I ask this question because many have been tricked into worship another Christ and another gospel.  The Christ they worship is a misinterpretation of the real Messiah (John 1:41). Why do I say...

Jesus of Revelation is Black

07/24/2011 17:13
 I had an interesting conversation with a man the other day.  I asked him does he worship the Jesus of Revelation.  Of course he immediately responded with an affirmative, "YES!"  I then asked him was this Jesus that he worshipped Black or White?  He paused for a moment...

Do You Follow the Jesus of Revelation?

06/25/2011 03:31
Why would someone ask if you worship the Jesus of Revelation?  There is only one Jesus Christ, the Son of God, right?  Wrong!  There are more than one Jesus mentioned in your Bible.  Let’s take a look. You have the Jesus Christ who was born in a manger by Mary, the wife of...
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