Being Baptized, Holy Spirit Filled

01/12/2012 02:35


Being baptized, Holy Spirit filled is a concept and ideology most Christian never really analyze.  What are you asking for when you say that you want to be filled with the Holy Ghost?  What is baptism?  What does it symbolize?  Let’s take a look.

Now in the Gospel According to Mark, it is explained that John the Baptist had a large ministry.  It says in Mark 1:5 that unto him all the land of Judea and they of Jerusalem.  It says they were all baptized in the river Jordan.  In verse 4 it tells you what baptism is for.  It is for repentance for the remission of sins.  That means your sins are forgiven and removed.

What is interesting about this story is that John baptized Jesus.  It wasn’t until Jesus was baptized that the Holy Spirit descended upon him like a dove.  That means that before Jesus was baptized, the Holy Spirit was not in him.  It was like Jesus had a fresh start.  He was renewed, revitalized.

The baptism symbolizes a rebirth.  It is liken unto a baby coming out of the womb, the chaotic waters of its mother.  That baby is pure, unadulterated, untampered with.  What is funny is that people think that the Holy Spirit will dwell in them when they have all kinds of impurities; impure thoughts, impure diets, impure actions.  After your baptism, you are supposed to be as a baby who knows no sin.  You live as Jesus Christ, living by the word of God.  You strive to minimize your desire of the flesh.

So what goes wrong?  Why do so many people get baptized and still practically live as if it never happened.  Again, that is because they don’t understand the concept and haven’t committed to its ideology.  When Jesus saved a woman from being stone to death from an angry mob because she committed adultery, Jesus said to her “go and sin no more.”  This is what people are missing when Jesus saves them.  They continue to sin.  They think that the Holy Spirit moves by their command and comes out when they feel “Blessed” or “Sanctified”.  Stop playing holy!!  Do what Jesus would do and the Holy Spirit will move in you all the time.

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