Do You Follow the Jesus of Revelation?

06/25/2011 03:31

Why would someone ask if you worship the Jesus of Revelation?  There is only one Jesus Christ, the Son of God, right?  Wrong!  There are more than one Jesus mentioned in your Bible.  Let’s take a look.

You have the Jesus Christ who was born in a manger by Mary, the wife of Joseph.  That is the Jesus most think they are following.  This Jesus lived his childhood in Egypt until the age of 13, which by Judaic law is when a boy becomes a man.  He used what he learned in Egypt (Matthew 2:14: Luke 1:80) to debate with the learnt men of his time (Luke 2:46 – 47).  This is because of his understanding of the Judaic law being that these laws were adopted from the ancient Egyptian teachings of the 613 negative confessions.

Then you have Bar Jesus (Acts 13:6).  What most people don’t know is the word Bar in Hebrew means son.  He was actually the son of Jesus, the son of Mary.  What people still don’t know is that Jesus had a wife.  He actually married Mary Magdalene.  This was the wedding that occurred in the Gospel of John chapter 2.  This is why Jesus’ mother Mary was so involved in the wedding.  She was actually ordering the servants around telling them to do what Jesus tells them to do (John 2:5).  This Jesus is the Jesus that Christians today are actually following.  How?  This is the Jesus Paul followed.

In addition to those two Jesus’, there is another in Colossians 4:11.  This Jesus was called Jesus Justus.  He was actually the son of Marcus Antonius (Mark Anthony) and Cleopatra.  This is the Jesus who also called Cleophas.  He was the Jesus born on December 25, 1 A.D. in Mitzraim (Egypt).  He was rejected by both Egyptians and Romans.  He became known as Saint Isa, traveling throughout India teaching in the name of the real Jesus.

What your Bible story does is combine all three of these men into one, creating this composite character called Jesus.  They even managed to get the Hellenistic teachings into the religion.  Any scholar will tell you that Jesus was called in his tongue Ya’shua.  This name would transliterate into English as Joshua.  So where does Jesus come from?  It is a combination of the Israelite God Jah (Jehovah) and the Greek God Zeus, Jah-Zues or Jesus.  This mixture of the Israelite religion and the Hellenistic religion occurred 300 years after the real Jesus walked the Earth during the Nicean Council headed by Emperor Constantine.

I say the Jesus of Revelation because when it comes to the New Testament, the Book of Revelation is the only book that says it comes from God (Rev. 1:1).  It says it is the Revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave to him.  So this is obviously the real Jesus.  Is this the Jesus you follow or have you been fooled like so many others? (Rev. 12:9)

Here is a great place with books on Jesus Christ: